Krypto Ranger
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Krypto Ranger

Krypto Ranger is an innovative tower defense GameFi on the BSC blockchain with fantastic gameplay, the idea comes from "Nyanko Great War" and "LINE Rangers".
The project is in development for more than 6 months, the team is willing to bring the most innovative game experience to GameFi! Please follow us on Twitter and Telegram to keep updated with our latest news.

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BSC Mainnet

✅Krypto Ranger Important Scheldule

Dec 2 - 11
Inner Test
Dec 8 - 19
Beta Ranger Key Sale
Dec 12 - 19
Open Beta Test (Buy key to access the game)
Dec 20 - 21
Ranger NFT Presale (INO)
Dec 22- 23
KRT Token Presale (IDO)
Dec 23
Game Launch
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