Krypto Ranger
Krypto Ranger White paper

Play on Android

First Time Install Kiwi Browser

Step 1. Install "Kiwi Browser" from Google Play Store

Step 2. Use Kiwi Browser to open the Metamask website, select more to check the desktop site

Step 3. On the metamask website click download will open a new page, Select add to Chrome

Step 4. Click OK and agree to install metamask

Step 5. Import wallet or create a new one, after setting will be able to use metamask to log in Krypto Ranger

Step 6. Access open beta game, select connect will auto add BSC testnet to Metamask. Continue to process it, the final step will be signed.

Step 7. After connecting to the metamask, you will be able to play! Don't forget to click the full-screen button and rotate your phone!

Use Kiwi Browser to login game

Step 1. Go to the beta test game
Step 2. Check Desktop site
Step 3. Select Connect
Step 4. Open the Metamask extension page to signed
Step 5. Switch back to the game page
Step 6. Successful login
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